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About Us

Located on Kingsland High Street, Somine Restaurant brings you the authentic taste of Turkish home-made cooking.

Turkish food has inherited many elements from the Ottoman cuisine, with use of lighter spices, rice or bulgur (brown rice), kofte and a wide ranges of vegetable stews.

A typical Turkish house hold meal starts with soup, followed by a dish made of vegetables with meat, chicken or minced meat, often with rice or bulgur, a salad or cacik (diced cucumbers with diluted yogurt) is a must.

At Somine, we serve the traditionally Turkish house meals, with our menu changing every day. We have over 150 stews, and we serve 6 different stews everyday, including a vegetarian stew option.

No food is the same as the day before. You can’t fail to find lots of delicious cuisines to try.

If you pop by in the morning for breakfast you will see one of our ladies making pastry right in front of your eyes.

This is called Borek (pastry made thin and then filled with feta cheese, spinach or potatoes). These are freshly made to order and will get your taste buds going.

Dumplings with minced meat is a must try, which is very popular among our customers.

We hope to see you soon and would like to share a part of our Traditional Turkish culture and cuisine.